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Thursday, February 02, 2006 

Gallery Update 2/2/06

Heyas! Just did a quick update to my miniature gallery at Network-23.net. I added 30 new things, having done some Ikore undead, a Battle for Macragge boxed set, a few mongols and a pulp 1930's gangsta. :) I got some cool conversion still sitting around in my "workbench" gallery - but being ADD I'm not sure when or if I will get to them. I should have another gallery update within the next few days if everything goes well. If not, tough noogies - you'll just have to wait. :D

In other news, I'll be helping with the painting events at Cold Wars and I'll also be teaching some workshops. I'm slated for "How to paint - for absolute beginners", "Techniques for painting an army", and "Painting for Show and Display". My sweetheart Jenna will be teaching a few workshops as well - and we will be running a speed painting contest 2 of the days - so if you are heading to cold wars be sure to stop on by and say "hi" to everyone, and perhaps sign up for a workshop or two. Or speedpaint - it's fun and we have prizes :)