Tuesday, January 31, 2006 

John Jenkins 28mm Warring States Chinese

OK - I just recently discovered the figures available from John Jenkins Designs and I'm really impressed! The new 28mm Warring States line of figures is an era that I've recently been getting interested in - just to paint up - and this set will seal the deal I think. To the left are the infantry models - and I'd really just like to grab a few stands to paint up and display.

From the webpage about the era:

This range of miniatures will enable the wargamer to collect figures for the period in ancient Chinese history known as the Warring States. This period started around 475 BC and continued until the unification of the whole of China by the state of Qin in 221 BC. Seven major states rose to prominence during the climactic second half of this period. These 7 Warring States were the Qi, Chu, Yan, Hann, Zhao, Wei, and the Qin.

It was the Qin leader, Qin Shihuang, who finally conquered all other states, united China and became known as The First Emperor. It is his tomb which contains one of the wonders of the ancient world, The Terra-cotta Warriors, at Xian, and it was during his reign that another wonder 'The Great Wall of China' was completed. This was also the period of the legendary military strategist Sun Tzu who wrote 'The Art Of War', which is recognised today as the most influential and oldest known military strategy guide.

More Information on the Warring States from John Jenkin Designs

Monday, January 30, 2006 

Fear of Girls

If you get a few moments, I really urge you to check out "Fear of Girls" which is a rather fun "Mock-umentary" about a few elite gamers. "Have you ever been chased by the entire JV Football team simply because you chose to wear your cloak to school that day?"

Monday, January 23, 2006 

Warp Artifacts going away....

Just got the 11'th Warp Artifacts newsletter and they are being assimilated -


It has been a while since the last newsletter and lots of things have been happening but do no fear!!!!!!

The name Warp Artefacts is going away but the fantastic product that you can buy now will not! We are merging into the happy family of the Black Library and from February 2006 onwards we will be known as Black Library Merchandise!

All the cool items from the worlds of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 you will soon find in the Black Library as we are busily redesigning the site.

January has seen release of the Imperial Guard t-shirt & cap (hugely successful – get yours now as not many are left) and from the Black Library we have seen release of the Dark Adeptus t-shirt that tie’s in with the awesome Grey Knights novel by Ben Counter entitled Dark Adeptus.

Limited stock available – they’re just flying off the shelves!

I’d personally like to extend a huge thank you to everyone receiving this newsletter for keeping Warp Artefacts alive and kicking for so long and also for your patience. Yes Warp Artefacts will no longer exist as of early February 2006 but the merchandise products will keep coming and get better and better!!!!

Thank you!

Kind Regards

Zoë Wedderburn"

Monday, January 09, 2006 

Use #284 for extra AoL CDs

It's a fact... cd's are great for terrain bases. I learned this from a gaming friend of mine, and really enjoy creating little bits of terrain on CDs. I've also used them to mount large creatures like Dragons as well.

Here is a barrow I made with a stone opening. In a nut-shell it was done with some scrap foam after I build my arena project. I made a mound to go on the back and then carved out the large pieces for the entrance of the burial mound. I then added a few extra slabs to look like stone that might have been left behind when the enterance was cut - or perhaps it's the seal that was broken away. After that I added glue and sand, painted it black with craft paint and drybrushed the ground using graveyard earth, desert yellow and kommando khaki and painted the stone using shadow grey, space wolf grey and then a light dusting of white. Add flock and other greeny bits and voila! Bob's yer uncle. The petroglyphs were just "carved" in using a sharp pencil and drybrushed over. Here is the back of it.

This altar was done the same way as the barrow in essence. I took an extra slab of insulation foam and cut it up to make an interesting looking spire. I then made a plinth and a stone to put the plinth on and glued sand to the whole thing. Drybrush using the method above - I use ivory on the larger pieces of sand to make them look like rocks - and add static grass in tufts to complete. I added bloody handprints on the monolith behind the altar to give the impression that sacrifices were preformed and then the preist placed his bloodied hands on the rock behind him as part of the ceremony. You can find pictures of the backside of this piece here. Both of these projects really took about 2 hours from start to finish and that includes the time it takes for the craft paint to dry. You can't really spray undercoat insulation foam as it will melt - so you have to apply the undercoat by hand. There are florist spray-paints and primers that won't harm foam, however - but I haven't experimented with these.

Lastly is using CD bases for monster bases. Here is a picture of Reaper's Kaladrax who I mounted on a CD base (It's also a great example of why you don't line a whole hoard of guys up in front of a dragon) The CD base gives a nice sturdy and stable base for large critters and allows you to create something a bit more scenic. I used pieces of pine bark mulch from the garden to create a slate like look to the base. There is also a broken shield on the base as well. You can see a slightly better picture of the beast here and here is something that you really don't ever want to see while standing in your castle. ;)

Friday, January 06, 2006 

Featured "Dood" of the Indeterminate Time Period - Knights of Minas Tirath

Knights of Minas Tirath. No reason - I just really really like them. :)

That and the plastic lord of the rings army figures like the knights, or the warriors or Rohan are a great value at $25 for 24 plastic figures. These are metals, and they were quite simply painted up using GW boltgunmetal - a brown liner wash, some chain mail and then another wash, and then highlighted again with chaimail. The robes and standard are a dark blue stemming from using the Reaper Master Series blue liner as a base and highlighting with a ritterlich blue (prussian blue) at the very top.

So I'm off Holiday Mode and I should be more active with articles and pictures of figures. I'm also working on a tutorial on how to quickly and easily raise and army of the dead - having just bought a ton of Celtos minis for a great deal. Kev White = t3h w1n when it comes to sculpting.

I also am currently planning on attending HGMS Cold Wars as a painting volunteer, so if any of y'all are planning on attending be sure to pop on by and say "Hello" to myself and BleuJenna :) I'll also be teaching some workshops as well, and really hope to be able to get in a game of .45 Adventures.