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Wednesday, November 30, 2005 

World War I Hobbits

Kevin White, Supreme Sculptor at Hasslefree Miniatures has come up with a new batch of lads which I think are wonderful - Hobbits in WWI regalia. Here are some pictures of the Greens. For those not familiar with the expression - "Green" refers to the sculpted prototype of a miniature before it is pressed into a mold which can then be used to make metal copies. It's called a "green" because the two part epoxy sculpting substance turns green when you mix it (although there are other colors, the term "green" still gets used)

Up first is Captain Freddy Bagshot

And his ever faithful companion First Sergeant Stan Gammage

Overall these are quite nice. I particularly like the shorts and bare hairy feet. :) If they sell well, he will do more from the squad. :)

Those are amazing minis!! What a hoot! Hobbitses in the trenches! What's next!?

I like your Blog, nice idea! Thanks for sharing with other gaming nuts!


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