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Wednesday, November 23, 2005 

Featured "dood" of the indeterminate time period

I think I'll randomly feature minis that I have worked on from time to time. I've taken to calling all my figures "Dudes" or "D00dz" if you want to be cool and 'leet about it (it's also closest to the pronounciation that I use.. dooodz). "I need to get some more roman doodz". "Hey, I put a bunch of doodz together while watching CSI." "John, would you *please* get your doodz off the coffee table!!!" That last one is often heard and comes from my sweetheart. :) I'm lucky in that she likes miniatures (and is a better painter than I), and also wargames.

This find upstanding lad is from the Foundry street violence line of figures. And is "Judd" from the "Scabies Punks" pack.

I've painted him with jungle camo shorts, a black shirt with a logo similar to the logo used by the punk band "Fear". The back of his shirt also says "Don't care", which for those who know the band "fear" can appreciate the tribute. I did the base with an "urban wreckage" feel to it, and gave him steel capped boots. I'm not sure what I'm going to use him for, but I think he will get pressed into service as a zombie apocalypse survivor in the near future.

The technique to paint him was easy. The skin is GW's dark skin as a base, dwarf flesh as a midtone and elf flesh as a highlight. There is very little highlighting on the black, since my black highlight-fu is poor. The pants are done with catachan green, scorched brown and vomit brown. The metallics are all boltgun metal with brass for the shell casings.

The base is a simple sand base that was based black, and then drybrushed shadow grey, space wolf grey and very lightly tickles with white to pick out the rocks.

If you find this at all useful, drop me a note and let me know - or if you want to know anything else about how I painted/based the figure, again - just drop a comment.